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Six step process

The risk management processes that are a part of civil services offered by Vasco Services ensure quality and predictability at every step. With our project control methods, you can be sure of quality service during every phase of commercial fit-outs.

Our process of quality management is a six-step procedure:



If we cannot offer you our services, we will go the extra mile and arrange for trusted subcontractors that we will oversee. Our aim will always be that you receive a solution that ends in a tailored and high quality office refurbishment solution.  Our specialty is that we deliver the best results on time and within budget. Furthermore, at every step, a range of tests takes careensure that there is consistency and transparency across all departments. If you need more reasons why Vasco Services are the best choice when it comes to hiring a fit-out company, consider the following:

1. Scope Out

2. Interior Design

3. Reviewing Costs

4. Pre-construction

5. Construction Process


6. Commissioning

A Capable Project Control Team (PCT)

Our designated PCT keeps the client updated on the progress of their office refurbishment project. It is also responsible of managing the fit-out process. On the PCT are experts who review, approve, and modify the various steps involved in the fit-out process.

Impeccable Timing

With our streamlined and coordinated approach, we always complete your projects on time so that you can start generating income immediately.


A big part of the reason of our ability to complete projects on times is our in-house manufacturing. That is why as soon as you lodge a development application and even as the details of the furniture design are being finalized, we start manufacturing standard joinery and workstations.

Quality Planning

For every project that Vasco Services takes on, a comprehensive plan is constructed and followed from the very beginning. It usually outlines the following:


• Important dates

• Key paths

• Client sign offs

• Costing reviews

• Statutory approvals

• Time taken for construction


Time taken in manufacturing Therefore, when we guarantee that all concerned parties are aware of their responsibilities in your office refurbishment right from the outset, we mean that we guarantee accountable and efficient completion of the project.


Reporting and Cost Control

Combining our extensive experience with a coordinated approach results in an outcome that is always in line with your known budget and wishes.


We hold meetings between members of ours staff involved in your project and your representatives weekly. We insist that you watch the project as it develops. In addition, such meetings make it possible for you to flag down concerns prior to practical completion. Thus, we endeavour and deliver a transparent process that remains stress-free due to constant communication.

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